The 13th Winners' Artworks


The World Contest winners are selected out of the National Contest winners.

TOYOTA DREAM CAR ART CONTEST Toyota Announces the 16th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Winners - Grand Prizes Go to the Children from Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Poland -
Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Outline
The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, first held in 2004, gives children around the world a hands-on experience to feel the joy and importance of having dreams. It is also meant to provide children with an opportunity for developing an interest in cars. Thanks to the support and cooperation of the children around the world who drew their works and sent them in, and of the distributors and affiliates who organized local competitions in their respective countries or regions, the contest marked its 16th year in 2023.
Entries in this year’s contest numbered approximately 780,000 from 90 countries and regions. The award-winning entries were selected in National contests held around the world from March 2022 to February 2023, with the winning artworks submitted to be judged for the world contest. In May 2023, the entries were judged and award winners were selected. The judges in the 3 Age categories were comprised not only of Toyota Motor Corporation Representatives but of Art Experts and Automotive Specialists outside of Toyota. The event, which was featured in the July Edition of Toyota Times*, was held at Fuji Speedway Hotel** which enabled the judging to be completed face to face for the first time in four years. Award ceremonies will be held in August or later, in each winner’s country. The award ceremony will be posted on the official website of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.
*Toyota Times on Jul 19(Click here for the link) **Official Website of the hotel
General Evaluation of the 16th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Artworks
We could see from the drawings what children all over the world are aware of, what worries concern them and what society they envision. Solar cars, elderly people, caring for the aged, COVID19, war and environmental destruction were some of the global concerns identified within the drawings. Alongside these concerns, we found hints of what children hope to see from mobility. In the judging process, we consciously considered whether the children were enabled to freely present their ideas without external influence, whether the brushwork was that of a child, whether the child found enjoyment in drawing or was allowed to play whilst they drew and how these factors were connected to their dream car.
Grand Prizes
<Ages 7 and under> 「Dream Car」
Judges’ Comments:
From the concept, which was just marked ‘microbus’, it is visible that this artwork is thought and drawn by one child, by himself. The artwork presents some diverse truths and enabled us to view the world through the eyes of the five-year-old artist. It was fun to think about why it was a 'microbus'. Several scenes appear. The mountains are lovely, too.

<Ages 8~11> 「Waste Converter」
Judges’ Comments:
We appreciated the aspiration to end the world hunger. There is a sense of generosity and liberation. We received a message that this child wants to take care of the environment. The fallen figure in the painting caught our attention.

<Ages 12~15> 「Car Full of Hope」
Judges’ Comments:
It would be nice to see a car that overflows with stars and hopes. We were impressed by the message that in the heartbreaking reality of fear and loneliness due to conflicts and political reasons, cars provide a sense of security and mobility to get to loved ones.
Special Awards
<Waku-Doki* Award>
“Joy of car ownership”&“Fun-to-Drive spirit” are related to a sense of “Waku-Doki.”
*”Waku-Doki” : Exceeding expectations brings joy & smile to our customers.

「The Supra Furidamu (Supra Freedom)」
Judges’ Comments:
It looks like a blueprint and is interesting. It would be nice if Toyota could make this artwork into a realistic model car. This child would be delighted if that became a reality.

<Mobility for All Award>
Awarded to the artwork expressing the car which realizes “Freedom of moving to all people.”

「My whale water car」
Judges’ Comments:
It would be great to have a car like this. The perspective of this large object in the everyday landscape is interesting. The colours are also very beautiful.
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