Toyota Dream Car Artist Room

Here are the "Dream Car" drawn by children from all over the world. what vivid imaginations they have.

"Imagine. Create. Inspire." It all begins with dreams.

Announcement of online voting results!

About Contest

One of the world largest art contest for children.
The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is held for children for all over the world to draw their "Dream Car" freely with amazing idea.

Activities in each Country

Children's dreams across the world.
Let’s have a look at what ceremonies and events are being held in your country.

Winner’s Trip Photo Gallery

Cultural exchange and friendships crossing the language barrier.
Winners of the World Contest are invited to Japan to attend the award ceremony and experience Japanese culture and Toyota’s craftsmanship.

Video Gallery

See the children’s imaginative powers in these videos, too.
Enjoy scenes from the Japan Trip, animations based on the award winning artworks and other fun images.

Winning Artworks

"Dream Car" drawn by the children.
Introducing winning artworks from the World Contest. Please enjoy artworks filled with children's dreams.

Makes Me Smile! Award

Online Voting
Thank you very much for voting from 122 countries and regions. Please see the comments received for the winning artwork.


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