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Toyota Time Traveling Car


The Toyota Time Traveling Car can travel through time and bring its passengers into the future and back to the past. Riding in this car, people will be able to uncover unknown details of past kings and emperors as well as their advanced technologies. Also, by traveling to the future, people will be able to find cures for illnesses that have not been discovered yet.

Voters comments

  • Absolutely creative, imaginative and so much to look at in one image. Amazed. United States of America
  • This art work is greatly done with a great passion United Arab Emirates
  • The message is clear. The theme is matching and the way drawings done is amazing. who ever draws it, must have spend many many hours and concentrated lot while creating it. United Arab Emirates
  • A primera vista es muy hermoso en parte porque los colores son llamativos y, al profundizar en los detalles,se puede observar que requirió de una gran inversión de tiempo y esfuerzo,debe haber sido difícil lograr ese nivel de prolijidad en cada uno de ellos y aparte lograr una buena armonía general. Y por otro lado el tema me parece muy creativo At first glance it is very beautiful in part because the colors are striking and, delving into the details, we can see that it required a large investment of time and effort. It must have been difficult to achieve that level of neatness in each of them, besides achieving good overall harmony. On the other hand, the subject seems to me very creative. Argentina
  • It's amazing art work.. it says everything from the beginning to the future... England
  • This is fantastic piece of art... England
  • It is very imaginative, good blend of colour and mathematically symmetrial. A work of a young genius. England
  • Artist's way of interpreting the evolution of world is fantastic England
  • Great details with vibrant colors Indonesia
  • Very good art and nicely representing all three stages past, present and future. It also shows the good and bad effects of people’s actions in different times. So many things demonstrated clearly in one drawing. Nice colour combination and very meaningful art . Australia
  • This art has so much details, the artist has a clear understanding of what should be illustrated to give the viewers a strong message. Australia
  • Like the composition. Past present and future presented with a matching theme. Also represent the complex word and the history truly artistic way. Hats off ! Australia
  • This is a unique picture that shows you everything you'd want to know. All aspects of colors are met and the artist has used all space on the paper to show off his points. Austria
  • It is elegant and beautiful Ghana
  • It captures everything in one picture. Gives the idea Qatar
  • The art work that boy has done is a masterpiece. Incredible. Canada
  • La idea que se forma es muy buena, creativa, e interesante. Es muy original la idea que se formuló y probablemente en algún futuro se podría construir un carro así para poder entender porque los pueblos pasados fueron como fueron. The idea that form is very good, creative, and interesting. It is a very original idea that was formulated and, probably sometime in the future, you could build a car so we could understand why people were as they were in the past. Guatemala
  • It looks incredible! So many elements pulled together so very seemlessly and so much detail! Totally fascinating piece of art! Kuwait
  • Incredible illustrations and really adds meaning to the story. Kuwait
  • A painting that perfectly illustrates evolution of animals (includung humans), and its consequences, on planet Earth. Singapore
  • This artwork has its own unique style which no one can compare with any with any other art piece. it's really artististic Sri Lanka
  • It's a great artwork including so many crucial incidents happened in Sri Lanka. So I love this work ❤ Sri Lanka
  • The most beautiful thought for a car. And the idea of making a world better place Sri Lanka
  • As I can see, this artwork has a hidden meaning behind it. We should appriciate the creativity of this boy, who is still a little child. Also, his talent of drawing is supreme. When I first saw this, I stared at it for a minute and tried to understand what he was trying to tell from this. I observed it from every perspective and I really think it's one of the most beautiful artworks I've seen. Sri Lanka
  • There are so many things in the past that we are not known of. There for if we had a chance to travel back in to the past so many things could be learnt. Sri Lanka
  • Wooowww amazing Sri Lanka
  • Its a very attractiveness. He use the various colors. Thats are awesome. No need more explanation thats really great art. I appreciate that one. Sri Lanka
  • This is the most awesome artwork i've ever seen <3 Sri Lanka
  • Красивое,яркое и сложное произведение, что-то из области фантастики смесь прошлого и будущего,очень красиво! Beautiful, bright and complex work, something out of science fiction blend of past and future, it is very beautiful! Other
  • มีสีสันที่สดใส ละลานตา Dazzled with brilliance Thailand
  • It's unique and beautiful and inspired for the beauty of the the new generation. Philippines
  • Эта работа выделяется, давняя мечта человека о создании машины времени. Она яркая, целостная, проработанная, поражает детализацией. This work stands out, an old dream of man to establish a time machine. She is bright, coherent, polished, striking in detail. Russian Federation
  • 想像力 創造力 色彩都不錯 Imagination, creativity. Colors are good. Taiwan
  • 시간여행 자동차를타고 어린시절로 또는 아버지가 우리곁에 살아계셨던 시간으로 돌아가서 쑥쓰러워 표현못했던말 아버지 사랑합니다~아버지가 나의아버지라서 넘좋았다고 꼭 얘기해주고 싶습니다 This work brings me back to the time, when I lived with my father but I could not honestly express myself to him. I want to tell him, "I am so happy that you are my father." South Korea
  • 一目見たときに、吸い込まれるような作品であったこと!細かいところまでしっかりと描かれていて素晴らしいと思った! At a glance, I found this artwork breathtaking. It is also amazing that the artist has drawn in a great detail. Japan
  • 時空を超えるという発想もステキですが、さらに未来へ行って、今治せない病気の治療法を知る事が出来るというみんながハッピーになれる発想に心打たれました。作品も細かいところまで丁寧に描かれていると思います。 Besides the lovely idea of travelling across time and space, I was touched by the idea that everyone can go to the future and learn how to cure illness that cannot be cured in the present day. Also, I think that it is carefully drawn in detail. Japan
  • 色使いがカラフルでとても気に入りました。過去も未来も相まって私の子供の頃の空想の世界そのものです。ワクワクしてきます。近い未来これも現実になんて思って選びました。 I like this work very much because it is colorful. This is exactly my childhood fantasy, including the idea of the past and future. It makes me so excited. I selected this work, imagining the near future where this becomes real. Japan
  • 時空を飛び越えて昔に戻れるのだとしたら、今は亡き人にも会えるかなと思って。伝えたいことがたくさんあったので、時空を飛び越えて会いに行ける車ならとても嬉しい。すごく夢のある絵ですね。 I thought that I could see the person who is dead now if I could go back to the past. I had many things to tell the person. I would be so happy if I could go to see the person in the past. This is a picture with full of dreams. Japan
  • 人間には学習能力があります。あらゆる時代のあらゆる場所を観察することにより、人類全体の進化・進歩を促すことができる夢に対して共感しました。 Human has an ability to learn. I agree with the idea that we could promote progress and evolution of all mankind by observing every location in every era. Japan
  • 色使いに目が惹かれました! Eye was attracted by the colors! Japan

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